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Price & quality

Discover our fair prices and top quality - the perfect combination for maximum benefits. Whether you're a salon or wholesaler, our affordable henna allows you to offer high-quality without raising the bill. Your success is our goal, and we believe that premium products should be accessible to everyone in the beauty industry.



Salons rely on timely deliveries to execute their services efficiently. Delays in product delivery can disrupt their schedules. With us, you quickly benefit from free shipping on orders. Ensure your salon runs smoothly with our fast and cost-effective delivery service.



Feel free to reach out to us directly via WhatsApp! Get quick answers to all your questions about orders and other essential information about our products. Our customer service is here to support you and resolve any issues. Your convenience is our priority!


Our customers

Our customer base encompasses a wide array of individuals and enterprises. This includes salons that procure our items for their clients, educators who offer henna brow training, and wholesalers who circulate our products within their respective nations.

The real deal!

You can find us online and at beauty expos, where we immediately showcase to our new customers what we mean by directly achieving a beautiful, natural result! We share our passion for high-quality eyebrow henna, perfect for professionals aiming for excellence in eyebrow care. The essence of natural beauty, evident from the first encounter.