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Slant Tweezer

Slant Tweezer 25°

Professional quality, sharp point, good grip. Handmade

How to prepare henna brows?

1 scoop henna (more than 35 treatments per pack), 2 drops fixer, 8 drops mineral water. It's that easy!

Where to get henna brows near me?

Any salon that does eyebrow treatments can work with henna. Ask the salons in your area!

Where can I buy henna tint?

With us! Our focus is only henna for the eyebrows. Because of our high quality henna you create the most beautiful eyebrows. This makes your work as an artist easier.

How do I remove the henna from the eyebrows after a treatment?

Super easy! With water. Because of our composition you do NOT have to scrub or use special product to remove the henna. So this makes it good for you and your customer.

Slant Tweezer 25° – Brazilian Brows


Our Slant Tweezer 25° is the best known of their kind, these widely used tweezers provide the precision you are looking for when designing the eyebrows. The 25-degree angle provides great comfort and convenience for your work. These tweezers are handmade and sharpened, you can clearly see and feel. Thanks to the wide tip, you can easily remove the most annoying hairs.

All our tweezers are made of Japanese steel. These high-quality tweezers feel great in the hand and will last for years if you don’t drop them on the tip 🙂


“The 25 degree point is the most sold worldwide.”


Brazilian Brows

Henna brows by Brazilian Brows

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