Henna Brow pack of 3

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Henna Brow pack of 3


When you choose our henna brow pack of 3 you are immediately ready for the big work! In addition to being able to choose which 3 colors you want, you will also receive a brush, measuring spoon and a mixing glass. These are all the basic tools you need to set a henna eyebrow. So you can get started right away!

This package is good for more than 105 treatments. So whether you want to do a henna brow home training first or want to start selling immediately. With these 3 colors you can go in all directions.


“€59,- for 105 treatments, that’s about €0.56 per treatment 😍”



Warm henna colors :

Less intense – Medium Blonde: A jewel in the henna world and you have found it. This soft warm color is unique in the market because it has a very soft natural shade. As you well know, putting an eyebrow on a ruddy client is very difficult to make it natural right away. Check our image of the fair in Belgium and there you will see the result that is booked immediately. Extremely suitable for reddish types.

“Brazilian Brows – Medium Blonde A jewel in the henna world, unique color for ruddy types”


Intense – Medium Chestnut: This color is top favorite in the Asian market. This is due to its modestly warm, intense natural effect. You will soon find that this color will fall under your basic colors. Warm, natural color that is good for all clients with warmth in hair and face.

“Brazilian Brows – Medium Chestnut color for the all-round customer with warm pigments”


More intense – Brown: A beautiful color for a beautiful expression. The color gives a warm shade on the skin. This color falls under the warm colors of Brazilian Brows.

“Brazilian Brows – Brown is a must have color in your salon”



Cool henna colors :

Less intense – Dark Blonde : Our dark blonde is our lightest cool shade. Given its name it makes you think differently, but nothing could be further from the truth. This color is often used for clients who want to undergo a henna treatment for the first time. Because its intensity is less and the color is cool, your client will not be shocked by an eyebrow that is too dark. Cool, natural color.

“Brazilian Brows – Dark Blonde nice soft cool color”


Intense – Dark Chestnut : This is our “piece de resistance” This intense deep beautiful yet natural color is the most sold worldwide. Due to its natural cool color, our dark chestnut can be used on all customers who want to have a beautiful expressive eyebrow.

“Brazilian Brows – Dark Chestnut Our best-selling color. Deep, intense and cool”


More intense – Black This color is very surprising. A nice cool black color henna that also provides a natural eyebrow. It’s our most intense cool color, so it goes one step further than our Dark Chestnut. Customers are sometimes scared by the name Black and that is really not necessary. Looks great on dark skin or very light cool skin. If you want to create something unique, this color is sure to be a winner in your salon.

“Brazilian Brows – Black is a must have color in your salon”




Although our product has few alegic reactions, we would like to point out the following.
This product is for professional use. This means that you already have experience with dyeing eyebrows, have received training or have been trained by someone who could transfer the knowledge. We always recommend to do a test with the customer to prevent an allergic reaction. Please read the description carefully before starting the treatment.

Color 1

Black, Brown, Medium Blond, Dark Blonde, Medium Chestnut, Dark Chestnut

Color 2

Black, Brown, Medium Blond, Dark Blonde, Medium Chestnut, Dark Chestnut

Color 3

Black, Brown, Medium Blond, Dark Blonde, Medium Chestnut, Dark Chestnut

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Henna Brow pack of 3
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