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Brazilian Brows henna - Black

Our black color surprises many people. This cool color is a few shades more intense than Dark Chestnut. Gives a nice natural result. Cool color

How to prepare henna brows?

1 scoop henna (more than 35 treatments per pack), 2 drops fixer, 8 drops mineral water. It's that easy!

Where to get henna brows near me?

Any salon that does eyebrow treatments can work with henna. Ask the salons in your area!

Where can I buy henna tint?

With us! Our focus is only henna for the eyebrows. Because of our high quality henna you create the most beautiful eyebrows. This makes your work as an artist easier.

How do I remove the henna from the eyebrows after a treatment?

Super easy! With water. Because of our composition you do NOT have to scrub or use special product to remove the henna. So this makes it good for you and your customer.

Brazilian Brows henna – Black


Brazilian Brows henna – Black. This color is very surprising. A nice cool black color henna that also provides a natural eyebrow. It’s our most intense cool color, so it goes one step further than our Dark Chestnut. Customers are sometimes scared by the name Black and that is really not necessary. Looks great on dark skin or very light cool skin. If you want to create something unique, this color is sure to be a winner in your salon.


With our 6 colors you can treat every customer at your salon. The warm and cool colors always ensure a natural and long-lasting result. The impression remains visible on the skin for up to 2 weeks, depending on the skin type. Our color remains visible on the brows for up to 6 weeks. Your customer will be able to enjoy her natural beauty for weeks.

“Brazilian Brows – Black is a must have color in your salon”


If you want to order more colors at the same time, click here!


Although our product has few alegic reactions, we would like to point out the following.
This product is for professional use. This means that you already have experience with dyeing eyebrows, have received training or have been trained by someone who could transfer the knowledge. We always recommend to do a test with the customer to prevent an allergic reaction. Please read the description carefully before starting the treatment.

Our you looking for brow henna training?


Brazilian Brows

Henna brows by Brazilian Brows

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