Brazilian Brow eyebrow scissors

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The design of brow scissors is exceptional. These surgical scissors are created in a way that allows the user to press the two blades together. Additionally, they fit perfectly into the hand, providing excellent visibility and unparalleled control.


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Scissors designed specifically for trimming eyebrows.


Ideal for eyebrow shaping and trimming, these scissors are suitable for use with either hand. Originally designed for neurosurgical procedures, their precision is perfect for use on eyebrows. With an ergonomic design that provides comfortable handling, the blades of these scissors easily bounce back open after each snip, ensuring they are always ready for the next cut.

In order to select the perfect pair of scissors, consider the following helpful tips: Although it was originally designed for neurosurgical procedures, this tool is also ideal for shaping eyebrows. By utilizing shearing techniques, cutting can be achieved while minimizing crushing. In cases where space is limited, fine tips are the ideal tool to use. The utilization of sharp blades provides an exceptional level of control.


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