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About our company

Brazilian Brows is a wholesaler and specialist in Henna for eyebrows. Our product comes from Brazil, the market in Brazil is considered to be the largest and most demanding market in the world. Our product belongs to the top there! As a company we always strive for the best quality, our henna is made by our own pharmaceutical company. We purchase the raw materials ourselves, which is why we can guarantee good quality.

What are henna brows?

Henna Brows is a treatment in which the eyebrows are dyed with henna. This henna is specially made for the eyebrows. A characteristic of this treatment is that it remains visible on the skin and eyebrow hairs for a long time. The most important feature of working with our henna is the natural result! When correctly estimating the working time for your customer, the customer will immediately go into the world satisfied.

Henna brows natural result

How to prepare the Henna?

Preparing the henna is easy, but there are points that you should take into account. It’s important that you get the right substance, so not too thick and certainly not too thin.

Our formula is 1 scoop of henna, 2 drops of our fixer and 8/10 drops of mineral water. You can only learn this by practicing, for example at the kitchen table in your jogging pants and then testing it on your own arm. :)

Each Brazilian Brows henna package is good for at least 35 treatments, keep in mind that you do not use too much henna!

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