How to apply henna on eyebrows

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For 1 customer you use 1 scoop of henna. It is important that the texture of your mixture is as desired. This means that it is not too thin and certainly not too thick. Practice in the beginning so that you can mix the mixture optimally for the treatments. This ensures a great, long-lasting result. Keep in mind that you can do an average of 35 clients from 1 jar of henna.


For 1 customer you use 2 drops of fixer. One drop is not the other so teach yourself to use the right amount so that you find the right structure of your own mixture. The fixer ensures that the color opens up and adheres better to skin and hair. The henna fixer also ensures that you can easily remove the henna after the treatment. This gives your customer all the comfort. All fixers in the package are the same so you don't have to open all fixers.

mineral water

8-10 drops of mineral water (bottled water). With the water you can find the right structure of your mixture. Practice with the number of drops in the beginning so that you find the best structure for your treatment. Mineral water ensures that you get the right color on the eyebrow. Tap water can affect the color of our product.

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